I’m an experienced visual designer / art director. I love the work: creativity + goals. It’s satisfying to watch an award-winning campaign evolve via collaboration of talented CDs, copywriters, designers, account and production teams, and stakeholders.


Some of my factory skills 

and natural ingredients are:

  • Conceptual and visual range

  • Adept in a fast-paced environment

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Comfortable presenting to stakeholders

  • Quick grasp of project briefs

  • Self starter, but won’t hesitate to ask for clarity or detail where I see a need

  • Thoughtful leadership and collaboration

  • Photoshoot art direction

  • Estimating time

  • Writing and editing skills

  • Genuine, 100% human

Leah in scarf_rt.jpg

JUST so you know, as my head just about pops off, that I am soooo grateful for you. It is such a welcome thing to know that you get it, you do it, you do it well, you do it consistently, and you do it with cheer. Everything I send your way is easier, better, and more enjoyable. Bless you my dear.


Julie Towne, EVP/Creative Director
White Space Healthcare Marketing,
a Nucleus Group company



YOU are fabulous...and so precise...love it.


Brick Kane, Production Manager
White Space Healthcare Marketing




I JUST wanted to send you a note and let you know how much I appreciate you. I have loved working with you and have enjoyed your company more than you know. You have been BY FAR my favorite designer and friend. I think your work is amazing and I think you are truly wonderful. I hope our paths connect at some point in time. Thanks for being you, and thanks for always making my day wonderful.


Brynne Berriman,
Junior Account Executive
White Space Healthcare Marketing