Steele's business services and software include risk-management, regulatory compliance, international third-party vetting, and more. Their look needed to be bold, yet conservative.

I designed three initial system concepts and palettes, and this one was chosen with only a few minor alteration requests. Deliverables were templates and photo guidance. No content. Just sayin’.

It’s a three-tiered template system of multiple brochures: The tiers (services, regions, industries) are each a different height. The existing client logo color (dark navy) was used as dominant color on the overview brochure and outer pouch. New palette colors differentiate pieces by topic and convey a bold confidence.

Using a dedicated image for each tier, so it appears on many pieces, is a nod to the conservative, conveying order and discretion, while the vibrant colors that help distinguish pieces conveys strength and assertiveness. A blind-embossed logo on the pouch flap adds a bit of luxe. 

© 2020 Leah Markos