El Camino Hospital (ECH) had been running a highly successful ad campaign for three years which I was lead art director on (top image, doctor portrait). The initial brief: change perception of ECH from The Local Place Where They Deliver Babies to A Serious Innovative Hospital in the Heart of Silicon Valley. Because ECH was a community-owned hospital, physicians had some freedom and support to truly innovate for better patient care and outcomes. This made ECH an attractive hub for talented, ambitious doctors in many fields of care, and their marketing needed to catch up.

The campaign, called Serious Care, featured dramatically lit portraits of ECH physicians with serious and inspired expression and postures, plus short bold headlines, like Whatever It Takes, or No Mercy For Cancer. The campaign was incredibly successful and popular, even with ECH physicians who began clamoring to be in ads. I art-directed photoshoots 1-2 times per year, shooting tons of doctors, each one with 3 backdrops and lighting scenarios, for a spectrum of drama and uses.

With a new CEO, ECH wanted to consider fresh concepts. Again I was the lead art director, and the new creative concepts, shown here, included a range of tactics (inspirational photos, vs. hard numbers vs. emotional appeal vs. science-technology angle). The client loved the creative, and tested them all in focus groups, along with a minor update to the original long-running Serious Care campaign. Serious Care came out a clear winner in achieving the client's top data-driven goals, and the campaign continued to run for another three years.

Shown here, are all of the concepts including Serious Care, which I believe demonstrate variety (within reasonable constraints of goals, media, client, and target audience)

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