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Web Design, Bay Area, Healthcare Advertising





Visual design is a huge part of the service that Compass Healthcare Marketing (CHM) provides, and their clients are primarily hospitals, plus some tech, so it seemed important that the website be distinctly ownable, with a very consumer/user-friendly flavor and architecture.


The opening illustration of a body diagram with a creative headline and callouts was an existing element that CHM used in their pitchbooks, so it made sense to use it here (with some subtle animation) for continuity.


The bright teal and orange colors were part of CHM’s brand, but the pastels were introduced for the site design, along with illustration icons, as part of my strategy for creating a user experience that didn’t feel like the new normal: the homogenous DIY WordPress-type template of white background; hero header image, then text, the row of circles with labels that may or may not link to anything, followed by headshots, rollover bios, and a Google map.


However, some aspects of that new normal seemed valuable: simple, scrollable on any device, and not too copy-heavy. In working with client and the dev team, I referred to the homepage as The Promenade—a destination in itself, as well as a method to finding other destinations (pages) on the site.

See the PDF for a closer look at homepage and other sections of the site, or see the site online at:

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